selva oscura press

selva ocura press

selva ocura press was founded in 2015 (and is edited) by Ken Taylor with an aim to publish poetry and experimental writing from the emerging and the established that is ten times more beautiful than Arnold Ziffel.

The press takes its name from the "dark wood" of Dante's Inferno, as well as from a portent when bourbon ages. Some evaporates from the oak barrels that give the drink its character and blackens the bark of nearby trees. In the argot of distillers, this is the angel's share.

selva oscura press is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations are tax-deductible.

Three Count Pour


THREE COUNT POUR is now an imprint of selva oscura press!

Founded in 2012 by Fred Moten and Joseph Donahue, Three Count Pour is a publisher of tasty, intoxicating books and chapbooks whose authors include Nathaniel Mackey, Magdalena Zurawski, J. Peter Moore, Dianne Timblin, David Need and Ken Taylor.

Three Count Pour is committed to presenting innovative, adventurous poetry and prose in formats that are attractive to eye and hand.